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Exclusive speaker sessions with Cameroonian and international CEOs, entrepreneurs, and experts from all walks of life sharing their advice, knowledge, and experience

Daniel Dippold

Co-Founder & CEO of EWOR

Daniel has built four high-impact companies and loves everything about data science and machine learning. He consults to large corporations on data mining and deployment of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

Dorothée Danedjo Fouba

Strategy in Digital Communication / EdTech & Social Entrepreneur

Dorothée is a senior multimedia journalist who works as a Digital Communications Strategist in Cameroon. As the founder of eSTEMate, she trains young women, especially girls in STEM and MIL. With over 15 years of experience, Dorothée is a worldwide multi-award winner of TechWomen, Mozilla, Technovation, Highway Africa, and many more.

Eva Dutary

President of AIESEC International

Eva is President of AIESEC, a global platform for young people to develop their leadership potential through international internships and volunteer opportunities. Founded in 1948, AIESEC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization run entirely by youth for youth.

Helena Ottiegan

Co-founder and CEO of Metta Space

Helena is the co-founder and CEO of Metta Space, a B2B platform that helps companies combat sexual harassment. Through Metta Space, Helena hopes to push trust and transparency to the forefront of employee-company relationships, improving privacy and communication.

Isabella D'Ambrosia

Former Communication Manager at United Way

Isabella has been a project manager for several development campaigns in Venezuela and Spain, focusing on access to quality education, financial inclusion, and community empowerment. She believes that education is the best tool to fight against inequalities and that community solidarity can bring real change into this world.

Junior Natabou

Founder of JN Médias

Junior is a Beninese entrepreneur, consultant in digital marketing and CEO. He's the founder of JN Médias, a communications media agency specialised in the creation of digital press campaigns as well as influencer marketing, public relations and digital press releases.

Lucas Mateu

Co-Founder & CEO at Vent Finance

Lucas is a technology & business architect. He helped build & transform companies/projects at a boutique strategy consulting firm. Now he is building and growing VentFinance, a startup in the blockchain DeFi Space.

MacCarthy Mac-Gbathy

Co-Founder at HOPin Academy

MacCarthy is a young Entrepreneur who oversees 54 startups since 2013 and has founded HOPin Academy, one of the top 10 Hubs inGhana in Tamale, northern Ghana to serve the entrepreneurial and startup scene in Ghana, precisely Northern Ghana.

Marthe Béatrice Kepseu

Founder CEO of Powerlink

Marthe Béatrice is currently managing and developing POWERLINK Cameroon, her own company, which is specialized in the field of electricity, telecommunication, and network. Powerlink is an exclusive representative of some manufactured companies of Power Cables, Telecommunication Cables, Circuit breaker, and other electrical components.

Marthe Wandou

Right Livelihood Award Laureate 2021

Marthe is a lawyer and women's rights activist. She recently received the Right Livelihood Award, better known as the Alternative Nobel Prize. She has worked many years in Cameroon, empowering women and encouraging families to send their daughters to school.

Monique Ntumngia

Founder of Green Girls Organisation

Monique is a social entrepreneur from Cameroon who is on a mission to make the world a better place through her NGO, the Green Girls Organisation. Her organisation aims at training and empowering women and girls to take interest in renewable energy resources and promote sustainable development.

Oto Attang

Co-Founder of Havilah Electronics Enterprise

Oto is the Co-founder of Havilah Electronics Enterprise Nigeria. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he has launched three companies in Lagos, Nigeria, specializing in Consumer Electronics, in Lisbon, Portugal, specializing in logistics, and in Texas, USA, specializing in E-commerce.

Sandra Idossou

Founder of Sachet Héloué

Sandra is an entrepreneur, consultant, and activist. Passionate about the development of Africa as a whole, she has traveled across the continent and has created social enterprises in Benin, Rwanda, and Ghana. She leads a social movement in Benin, Sachet Héloué, to raise awareness about the dangers of plastic bags and their negative effects on the environment

Umberto Greco

Founder of OpenTabs

Umberto founded OpenTabs while studying at university with the goal of redesigning the internet for social impact and improving the world in a sustainable way. He developed a passion for sustainable development after growing up around the world in countries including Sudan, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

Ziena Abu-Dalbouh

Founder of ZAD

Ziena is a pioneer in entrepreneurship in Jordan. She has extensive experience in the field of youth and women's economic independence. Ziena has worked with various NGOs, governments, and businesses.